Over a decade of professional experience

My name is Marc Ward, I picked up the guitar in my early teens and have been performing and teaching professionally on the instrument for more than a decade. Based in the Northern Rivers, I studied music at Southern Cross University and have performed all across the East Coast of Australia. I come from Heavy Rock and Blues backgrounds, with a broad knowledge across all guitar styles, musical theory and composition that I'm excited to share with my students. 

One of the problems guitar students face nowadays is the mass of information that is available on the Internet, often it's hard to decide what is right for you and what will ensure you progress as fast as possible. Now that I have started Ward Music Tuition, I am passionate about guiding my students towards achieving their dreams of playing the guitar.

With my method, I will help you avoid all the mistakes and setbacks beginners, intermediate and advanced guitar players can make when attempting to self-teach the instrument. I don't use a one size fits all approach in my teaching like many inexperienced “bedroom guitar teachers”, the ultimate goal of Ward Music Tuition is to help you find your unique voice on the instrument, without wasting valuable time on unnecessary exercises or programs.

Taking lessons with Ward Music Tuition is your first step to becoming the best possible guitar player you can be, together You and I will exceed your highest expectations! Get started by booking a free consultation session today!


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