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To all Ward Music Guitar Students,

Due to the latest news regarding the COVID-19 virus, I have made the decision to suspend all face to face guitar lessons. As the nature of my full-time job outside of teaching involves interacting with interstate drivers and workers from around the region, it is important for the health of those employees, my students, their families and the community that I change the delivery of lesson content for the time being.

As I have a lot of very talented students, I would like to see you all continue to pursue your guitar playing despite this current interruption, so I will be spending the next four weeks until Monday 27th April, what would be the start of term 2 of the school year, creating a system that allows me to recommence lessons online free of charge to current students. I will not be taking on any new students in this time.

I expect to return to face to face lessons as soon as practical and any outstanding fees will be allocated to those lessons should students continue.

I appreciate your understanding and look forward to hearing from you, stay safe! M

Marc Ward


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