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Tuition Fees Annual Review, January 2020

To all Ward Music Guitar Students, I hope you have all had a great Christmas and New Year and have enjoyed some time off over the break and kept up with guitar practice! With regular guitar lessons set to resume from 1st of February I have completed my annual fee review, outlining changes below. I have attempted to simplify my lesson and fee structures to maximize learning outcomes for students while keeping lessons affordable for parents. Please get in touch with me to secure enrollment in lessons starting from February 1st, priority will be given to existing students to select a day/time for lessons. Creative kids vouchers are now available for use towards fees through Service NSW online. If you have any concerns about the changes below, please contact me on; Email: Ph: 0477497923 Thank you! Marc Ward

Enrollment, Lesson Duration and Frequency: Existing Policy: *Lessons may be weekly or fortnightly and are 60 minutes in length *Guitar lessons run year-round through School Holidays.

New Policy: *Fortnightly lessons are no longer available (Saturday lessons are excluded from this change) *Enrollment will be in weekly lessons only, 30 minute lessons for beginner students and 45 minute lessons for intermediate to advanced students. *No guitar lessons will take place during School Holidays or on NSW Public Holidays. *Enrollment will be on a monthly basis and by attending the first lesson of the month commitment to the full month of lessons is engaged and financial responsibility assumed.


Simple, efficient instruction and consistent practice are the keys to students' progress on the instrument, my experience over the last 12 months is that 60 minute lessons are too long to effectively engage students and counterproductive to our goal of getting the best results. Likewise, fortnightly lessons leave too long between meetings for me to monitor students practice and progress efficiently as well as limiting my ability to fully utilize my available scheduling time. I make the concession for Saturday lessons to remain available as fortnightly, though any students currently enrolled in fortnightly lessons on weekdays that are wishing to continue lessons will need to contact me to arrange weekly enrollment.

Lesson Fees

Existing Policy:

*Lessons are $30/hr + $5 delivery charge for lessons that take place within the student's home. *50% discount applies for each additional student within the household. *Payment is made after each lesson has taken place. New Policy: *45 minute lessons (intermediate-advanced) - $30 *30 minute lessons (beginner) - $20 *Delivery - $5 *Group discount: 50% off relevant fee for each additional student within the household, *Only one delivery charge may apply per household per week. *Payment for the entire month's lessons is due at the first lesson of each month. Please note the number of lessons in each calendar month will vary throughout the year.

*Cancellation of a lesson will require 24 hours notice and where possible a rescheduled lesson will be made based on my availability, there is no guarantee a reschedule will be made. If a lesson cannot be rescheduled, the lesson paid for will be carried over to the next month, for the first cancellation of the month only.

*If 24 hours notice is not given or one lesson in the month has previously been cancelled, the lesson will be charged as normal with no reschedule offered. *In the event that I am unable to teach, a lesson will be rescheduled, if no time to reschedule can be found the lesson paid for will be carried over to the next month. *If at any time during the month a student wishes to withdraw from lessons, a refund of 50% of cost of remaining lessons in the month will be issued.


Lesson fees have been calculated based on updated terms of lesson duration and frequency I have tried to keep fees affordable and of good value for both students and parents. There is a lot of work outside of the 45 minute lesson that goes into providing quality instruction, sometimes it requires just as long the lesson itself to prepare resources for that week and this is reflected in the fees. I have changed payment and enrollment terms to monthly to encourage strong attendance in the interest of students' progress. Aside from that, my timetable is limited and cancelled lessons are blocks of time that can not be used for other students.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of our students progress over the break and coming year! Regards, Marc Ward


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